Vroom, vroom

After more than 30 years, I’m back on a motorcycle.

On my new Indian Scout 60

My wife, Beth, has wanted a motorcycle for years. She took the MSF course before we met. (Her helmet, stored in the back of her car, had cat ears on it.) We finally decided to each get a bike for summer riding. It’s one of the advantages of living near Cape Cod, MA. I got a permit, took the course, and got my license within two weeks.

After looking around, and watching way too many YouTube video reviews, I settled on the Indian Scout 60. It looks classic, I love the blue color. Ironically, Indian was the brand Beth had been thinking about for years. But she ended up getting Triumph Speedmaster. Hers is black, with white highlights on the gas tank. I am trying to get her to say “What’s all this then” when she pulls up to a stop, because it looks kinda like an English cop’s cycle.

The cycles arrived Friday, and we’re both getting used to them; we haven’t done much more than a few hours tooling around the neighborhood. As you can see from the picture, it’s quiet residential streets. We ride daily, so hopefully the skills will settle in quickly.

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