Hello, world\n

I finally decided to have a blog. I expect the main topics will be bees (I’m new at it), IETF standards (I’m old at it), the Rust language (I’m new at it), and TLS (I’m old at it).

To answer an obvious first question: this site doesn’t use HTTPS because my hosting is with GoDaddy, and they don’t make it easy to use LetsEncrypt. I’m a firm believer in LetsEncrypt, even if they are close to being a single-point of failure for the Internet these days. Through my involvement (and others) Akamai was one of the founding sponsors. A stronger belief, however, is that I don’t want to give GoDaddy more money than I have to. 🙂 It’s nothing against them, I just feel that way about everyone. And maybe — I admit the odds are slight — my hosting company will change their mind.

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