Breaking leftovers

My youngest son is home from college for the summer. Once again, we no longer have a problem with leftover food. Strange, the problem also seemed to go away around Christmas, and I think also last summer.

Anyhow, one of the things the youngest and I do when he is home is schedule time to watch TV together, roughly weekly. In the past we saw Citizen Kane, HBO’s Watchmen series and Invincible. We just started watching Breaking Bad because he had “heard it’s good” and we watched the first two episodes the other night. Yes it’s good, but holy cow is it dark.

At least, I thought it was. I mean, c’mon, dissolving a body in a bathtub and then having it crash through the floor splattering everywhere? But then my wife said, “wait until you keep watching, then it gets really dark.” Oh, great. Maybe after the first season, I’ll just give him the Netflix password and he can watch it himself.

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